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Sweet Tooth Pendant

Image of Sweet Tooth Pendant

This macabre piece of jewelry is hand carved and polished to a high-shine with oxidized black in the eyes, nose and mouth.
It arrives in a velvet bag and is ready to help you resist those Suhweet temptations and control those sweet tooth cravings. Yea, sure, good luck with that!
Each pendant is crafted made by hand and is uniquely Antique-finished in polished silver. Werewolves beware!
Material: Sterling Silver .925
Weight: 5.8 grams
Size: Small, precious-like and Bite-sized! (Please do not eat me!)
*Available in 14k gold finish (just ask)
Each pendant is made to order
(ships 2 weeks after order confirmation)
Made in USA
Caveat Emptor